20 years of transport cooperation

Good partners are the salt of life, including in business. The cooperation between Masino Group company Sejo and Esa Vilenius’ company began exactly 20 years ago in February 1998. At that time, Vilenius’ company had three trucks which drove to many companies in the capital region. As a result of a change of generation, in 2011 the company was transferred to the stewardship of Esa’s son Sami, and nowadays the vehicles drive only to Sejo.

Both Vilenius’ say that cooperation with Sejo has been fruitful; colleagues are nice and the atmosphere is excellent. The organisation of transport works well and every morning produces different routes. They are also grateful for the fact that, as part of the personnel, they can attend company parties. Long and good cooperation was created and is continuing.

“A reliable and flexible transport service is very important for us, particularly from a perspective of customer satisfaction. It’s great that we found an excellent partner, and we hope that the cooperation will continue for many decades to come,” says Esa Hemmilä, Managing Director of Sejo.