Information collection and cookies


Like many other websites, Masino Group’s sites and use cookies.

What are cookies?

Cookies are small files that an internet service sends to the user’s browser. Cookies allow the
service to recognise the browser when the user returns to the service. Cookies make it possible to
adapt a service based on the user’s habits. As a result, cookies facilitate service use and also
provide the service operator with important information about how the service is used and allow
further development in a more functional direction. For example, cookies are used for
measurement and research purposes to determine the type and volume of website use.

Cookies do not give the service operator any personal data about the user or information saved on
the user’s device. Cookies do not spread viruses or save the user’s e-mail address.

Users can manually block the use of cookies by changing their browser settings, but this may
prevent the pages from functioning properly and is not recommended. Users can also delete
cookie files stored by their browsers from the device at any time.

Cookies on Masino Group websites

The cookie files on Masino Group websites are used in a way that does not infringe on the privacy
of the service user. Masino Group does not use cookies to identify a user or to connect an IP
address to a user or to collect any information that can directly reveal the user’s identity except
when this information has been voluntarily submitted with an online form when visiting a Masino
Group website.

Thus, Masino Group only collects identifying information that users have provided voluntarily,
such as their name, e-mail address, and telephone number. In this case, Masino Group can link the
information stored in cookies with possible personal identification information that you may have

Cookies may also be used for the purposes of direct marketing aimed at companies or marketing
based on user lists and remarketing. The purpose of such marketing is to provide information on
topical services for users who have previously visited the company website.
Masino Group will never hand over your personal data to third party advertisers.