Jarmo Pietarinen – 30 years as CEO

CEO Jarmo Pietarinen

On 10 June 2018, it will be 30 years since Jarmo Pietarinen took over as CEO of Masino Oy.

Jarmo started at Masino in 1983 as a hydraulic coupling salesperson. After a few years of sales work, he began to handle development projects in the financial department. He was later appointed to the position of financial director. At the same time, Jarmo was also responsible for the generator department, which was an important part of Masino in those days.

A deal completed in 1988 transferred ownership of Masino to Jarmo from his father Oiva Pietarinen, and Jarmo became the CEO. The past three decades have included several economic ups and downs. – We’ve come through everything with hard work and a bit of luck, states Jarmo Pietarinen.

During these 30 years, company acquisitions have turned Masino into a major industrial partner that now employs more than 130 people.

– Looking back, the best part of these years has been seeing Masino develop and grow at a suitable pace. We have a professional, independent staff and I feel confident in giving them a lot of responsibility, says Jarmo Pietarinen.

– I’m also delighted that my children want to be involved in the Masino, because this ensures continuation for a family-owned company.