The history of Masino


Masino Group is a Finnish family company established by Oiva Pietarinen in 1958 to import motors. Today, the Masino Group is a group of companies that operates in technical trade and serves Finnish industry and production. Many of our products are market leaders in their fields.


Oiva Pietarinen was born in the town of Pielavesi in Northern Savo. His parents were primary school teachers and his family had no background in entrepreneurship. Oiva’s parents believed in educating their children and Oiva moved away from home at the age of 11 to attend grammar school in Kuopio. He later moved from Kuopio to Helsinki to study at the University of Technology, where he earned a degree in mechanical engineering.

Oiva has always been passionate about mechanical machines, so starting a company in the technical sector was an obvious and natural choice for him.

The company’s early years and growth

Masino got its start with the need to find a small foreign motor for a gardening work machine. Oiva Pietarinen says that entrepreneurship was much more difficult in Masino’s early days than it is today. Although the wartime rationing economy had ended by the late 1950s, the general economic situation with its strikes and high rate of inflation was challenging for entrepreneurs. Oiva’s hard work, determination, will to succeed and risk-taking eventually paid off and Masino began to prosper.

Masino’s first client was the German company Ilo Werke, and many of its Ilo motors were sold for pump use, for example, to fire departments. One of the most significant early milestones was becoming the representative for Voith in Finland in the 1960s.

Masino’s first location was on Hietalahdenkatu in Helsinki. The company subsequently occupied a number of different premises in Helsinki before moving to Tikkurila, Vantaa in 1978. For the first time, the offices, repair shop and warehouse were all under the same roof. Masino built its own premises in 1983 in the Petikko district of Vantaa.

The interview of Mr. Oiva Pietarinen (video is in Finnish) >

The second generation

Oiva Pietarinen’s son Jarmo Pietarinen came to Masino as a hydraulic coupling salesperson in 1983. Jarmo later became Masino’s financial manager with responsibility for all of the company’s financial management. He was also responsible for the generator department, which was an important part of Masino at that time. A deal concluded in 1988 transferred full ownership of Masino to Jarmo, making him the managing director at the age of 32. Jarmo had the youthful enthusiasm and daring needed to take on that demanding position.

Jarmo Pietarinen’s goal was to renew and modernise Masino and grow the company.

Despite expansions, Masino began to outgrow its Petikko premises and in 2000 the company purchased a plot of land in Tuupakka, along Ring Road III. The major construction project was completed in 2002.
Personnel needs were taken into consideration right from the start and, for example, the building has a staff restaurant, gym and dressing rooms equipped with saunas as well as an official company sauna.

Masino is proud to be a family business.

In 2015, Masino selected a new board that – for the first time – includes two members from outside the family.

The third generation is already participating in the company business. Jarmo Pietarinen’s children Suvi, Mikko and Anni are closely involved in company management through their positions on the board.

“Looking back, the best part of these years has been seeing Masino develop and grow at a suitable pace. We have a professional, independent staff and I feel confident in giving them a lot of responsibility,” says Jarmo Pietarinen. “I’m also delighted that my children want to be involved in Masino, because this ensures continuation for a family-owned company.”

Today, Masino operates in four cities: in addition to its Vantaa headquarters, the company has Masino Industry production and office space in Ylöjärvi, a store, warehouse and service facilities in Turku that are used by Sejo, Welding, and Power and Hydraulics, as well as a Sejo store in Tampere.

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