Six decades – nine addresses

Masino 60 years logo

Starting out in Helsinki

In 1958, Masino had just been established and needed a premises. Although the owners lived in Espoo, they chose Helsinki as the domicile. Masino’s first location was at Hietalahdenkatu 8 in the city centre. The company leased a small room, where Oiva Pietarinen rented a telephone and bought a typewriter.

Hietalahdenkatu 8 Helsinki 1958.

However, this first location was not a long-lasting solution because a year later Masino moved to Ratakatu, and then to Fredrikinkatu in 1961 and Pohjoinen Rautatiekatu in 1963. The last address in Helsinki was Elimäenkatu, where the company moved in 1969. Sometimes the move was due to a change in property ownership, while at other times it was a lack of space.

The company didn’t have the means to maintain its own warehouse in the early days, so Masino only purchased its first warehouse in 1966. This was located on Ilkantie in Haaga, and the warehouse later moved to a larger space on Riihitie in Tikkurila. Operations continued at the Elimäenkatu office and Riihitie warehouse until 1975, when the office moved to Koivumäentie in Itä-Pakila. The warehouse and repair shop had already moved from Tikkurila to Hyrylä, where there was also a repair shop and generator building.

Under the same roof in Vantaa

In 1978, Masino moved its warehouses and service operations to Kuriiritie in Vantaa and the company’s domicile was officially changed to Vantaa at the same time. For the first time, all of Masino’s operations were under the same roof, leaving more time for work as there was no need to travel between the warehouse and office. The move also provided significant savings in facility costs.

In the early 1980s, Masino’s difficult financial situation improved rapidly as it began to get some large projects. This allowed the company to build its own premises, and Petikko in Vantaa was selected as the location. A lot of land was available at a suitable price, and Petikko was also situated along Ring Road 3 and close to the airport. This was an advantage in terms of product transportation and arranging customer visits. The opening ceremony for the new office building was held at Tiilitie 13 in Petikko on 13 June 1983 – which was also the company’s 25th anniversary.

Tiilitie Vantaa 1983.

Although it was expanded in the 1990s, the facility at Petikko became too small for a business that was growing via corporate acquisitions. In 2000, Masino purchased a plot on Kärkikuja in Tuupakka and a major construction project began in late summer 2001. The company moved into the new building at the end of June 2002. Personnel needs were taken into consideration right from the start, and the building has a spacious staff restaurant, gym and dressing rooms equipped with saunas as well as an official company sauna. Although the number of employees has increased by nearly 50% since the early 2000s, the building is still a good space for office work, the warehouse, service and the Sejo store. The plot has additional building rights for future needs, so another move is not expected at this time.

Kärkikuja Vantaa 2002.

Today, Masino operates in four cities: in addition to its headquarters, the company has Masino Industry production and office space in Ylöjärvi, a store, warehouse and service facilities in Turku that are used by Sejo, Welding, and Power and Hydraulics, as well as a Sejo pick-up service in Tampere.