Torque limiters

Mönninghoff torque couplings

Mönninghoff manufactures SecMatic torque limiters up to the maximum torque of 1,600 Nm. The couplings are available as releasing and reconnecting versions. A fully no-play option for reversible drives is also available.


SafeSet – Torque Limiting Coupling with Instant Release
The SafeSet principle is simple: friction and adaptability. No material fatigue or wear ensures constant torque protection during operation. The SafeSet coupling includes a twin-walled hollow sleeve. Friction is generated upon expansion by pressurized hydraulic oil. The integrated shear tube holds pressure to ensure a constant but easy adaptable torque transmission. In an overload situation the SafeSet slips and the shear tube shears off. Oil pressure drops and the frictional surfaces separate. Then the SafeSet rotates on the bearings without transmitting any torque.
Torque capacity available between 1 and 20 000 kNm.

SlipSet – With Controlled Slip
SlipSet ensures continuous production and is designed to slip in the event of an overload situation. By acting as a shock absorber in drives with frequent torque peaks, the SlipSet prevents time consuming downtime due to repair work. The SlipSet units are very compact and can be installed in areas with a minimum of space, to ensure the most optimal position in a drive line.

In the event of an torque overload, the SlipSet will instantly slip and limit the torque to the preset level, protecting the driveline. If the blockage is temporary, for example due to inertia effects, the SlipSet slips until the torque peak has passed and the driveline doesn’t have to be stopped.
If the over load persists, the Voith Coupling Monitoring System detects the slippage and informs the operator that the drive train power needs to be adjusted.

SmartSet – Process Improving Coupling with Controlled Slip
SmartSet is based on the same technolgy as the SafeSet coupling, but it is equipped with a SmartSet device that will give the coupling an additional slip feature. This centrifugal device is activated by the rotational speed of the intended application. This enables the coupling to slip without release during high transient torques, that are an inherent part of many applications with synchronous motors.
If the torque peak is of long duration in an overload situation, the SmartSet coupling can fully release as a normal SafeSet coupling and subsequently save the drive train from catastrophic failure.
Torque capacity available between 10 to 10 000 kNm.

AutoSet – Process Improving Coupling with Controlled Slip and Automatic Reset
The AutoSet is a torque limiting coupling with a slip function and automatic reset to enhance performance. The primary function of the AutoSet is to distribute torque smoothly by small controlled slippage. As a secondary function the AutoSet will release entirely at torque peaks of long duration and protect drive line equipment from catastrophic failure.
This mode will occure successively at slip angles between 30-180 degrees. It is completely automatic and the self-reset function maximizes production uptime.
The AutoSet friction grip is created by a hydraulically adjustable tapered sleeve that generates the preset torque level. If the set torque is exceeded, the coupling slips and limits the torque with an accuracy of +-10% during standard performance.
After release the coupling automatically resets itself to the full preset torque level and no manual handling is needed. This avoids lengthy stoppages in production.
Torque capacity available between 0.41 to 275 kNm.

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